Overhead Crane Medan, Siantar, Tebing Tinggi, Perbaungan, Batam, Riau

PT. Teknindo Cipta Internasional is a supply and service company which provides any kind
material of lifting equipments. We have the right solution to fulfill the needs of lifting
equipment materials. High quality and range of equipment that we provides support our
customers to run their operation in top performance.
PT. Teknindo Cipta Internasional also provides maintenance services and technical supports
for lifting equipments. We are supported by numerous experienced professional and certified
expert which have experience in lifting equipment industry. A synergic combination of our
expertise, experience and our professional team, is a power factor for us to give our
customers our best services.
Our mission is to give the best supplies and services to support our customers’ business.
Therefore, the partnership with our customers always in favor of added value. And customer
satisfaction always be on top of our priority list.

Teknindo Cipta Internasional provides supply for new lifting equipment. We also provide
design and engineering for any kind of lifting equipment material such as: overhead crane,
Gantry crane, Semi gantry crane, Jib crane, work station crane, special application for
crane, winches & hoists, transfer car, etc. And we also supply forklift trucks and reach
Range of supplies:
from 65kg – 7500kg:
Workstation crane
Electric Chain hoist
Electric Belt Hoist
Manual Hand Chain block
Manual hand lever block
Electric Winches
up to 80 Tons:
Single Girder Cranes
Double Girder Cranes
Under running Cranes
Gantry / Semi Gantry Cranes
Wall mounted / Pillar Jib Cranes
Monorail application
Explosion Proof products
80 Tons above:
High Capacity Crane with standard components
Custom Made Crane for special application
(steel mills, automatic paper roll storage, power plant, etc)
up to 60 Tons

Industrial Cranes

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